AFL 2023; Subtle changes to 50m penalties will be in place for the new season read full article on

Former AFL champion Mick McGuane is worried umpires should wager whether or not a participant is faking a handball as a part of rule tweaks for the 2023 season.

As one among 3 refined rule shifts, a 50m penalty will not be paid if a participant, who takes a mark or is awarded a loose kick, fakes a handball whilst status at the back of the desk bound guy at the mark.

Gamers used the pretend handball to attract avid gamers from the “stand” place, which incurred a penalty in 2022.

The translation was once made to check out and simplify the sport for officiating, minimising delays and decreasing participant exploitation of regulations.

However McGuane was once one among a couple of former avid gamers to indicate it could imply the umpire needed to wager whether or not a participant was once faking, or had modified their thoughts.

“Oh No, no, no….. Now we’re asking the umpires to resolve if a participant is faking handballs v an choice that can be there however determined to modify his thoughts,” McGuane posted on twitter.

Former AFL umpire Matt Head additionally mentioned that it was once simply “regulations on regulations” and “now not the best way to repair the issue”.

The trade will come to in impact from Spherical 1 with the second one trade challenging avid gamers who input the safe 5m house after gifting away a loose kick or dropping a marking contest will have to stand the mark or instantly depart.

If the participant begins to face the mark then backs away earlier than the umpire calls “stand”, it is going to lead to a 50m penalty.

In any case, and in probably the least spectacular, inspirational trade, umpires will not give an alert to avid gamers on the 15-second mark in their set shot at purpose, as a substitute receiving only a caution at 25 seconds.

Gamers will nonetheless be allowed 30 seconds to start out their set-shot manner.

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