Elon Musk mocks laid-off Twitter employee with disability read full article on indianwallah.in

In case you are now not instructed you might be fired, are you truly fired? At Twitter, most probably.

Haraldur Thorleifsson, who till lately was once hired at Twitter, logged in to his pc closing Sunday to do a little paintings — most effective to search out himself locked out, together with 200 others.

He may have figured, as others earlier than him have within the chaotic months of layoffs and firings since Elon Musk took over the corporate, that he was once out of a role.

As a substitute, after 9 days of no solution from Twitter as as to if or now not he was once nonetheless hired, Thorleifsson made up our minds to tweet at Musk to peer if he may just catch the billionaire’s consideration and get a solution to his Schrödinger’s task scenario.

“Perhaps if sufficient folks retweet you’ll solution me right here?” he wrote on Monday.

Sooner or later, he were given his solution after a surreal Twitter trade with Musk, who proceeded to quiz him about his paintings, query his incapacity and want for lodging (Thorleifsson has muscular dystrophy and makes use of a wheelchair) and tweet that Thorleifsson has a “distinguished, energetic Twitter account and is rich” and the “explanation why he faced me in public was once to get a large payout.” Whilst the trade was once occurring, Thorleifsson stated won an electronic mail that he was once now not hired.

Thorleifsson, who lives in Iceland, has about 141,000 Twitter fans (Musk has over 130 million). He joined Twitter in 2021, when the corporate, underneath the prior control, got his startup Ueno.

He was once lauded in Icelandic media for opting for to obtain the acquisition worth in wages slightly than a lump sum payout. That is as a result of this manner, he would pay upper taxes to Iceland in strengthen of its social products and services and protection internet.

Thorleifsson tweeted to Musk that “The explanation I requested you in public is since you (or any person else at Twitter) didn’t respond to my non-public messages.”

“You had each and every proper to put me off. However it could were great to let me know!” he added.

Thorleifsson’s subsequent transfer: “I’m opening a cafe in downtown Reykjavik very quickly,” he tweeted. “It’s named after my mother.”

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