Here’s Why Shaving Your Bum Is A Bad Idea, According To Doctors read full article on

Ahem. On the subject of shaving your pubic space, it’s utterly as much as private choice and nobody, we repeat no-one, will have to ever make you’re feeling unhealthy on your selection to move naked or bush.

On the other hand, one physician has shared some data about our bum hair that would possibly make you consider carefully about shaving your rear.

Dr Karan Raj took to TikTok to give an explanation for to his 5.1 million fans that the hair down there if truth be told has a function (albeit one we’re no longer steadily informed about).

He says: “The perianal pores and skin which accommodates hair follicles additionally accommodates apocrine glands, which secrete an oily substance.

“Now, your bum can lure those oil secretions to stay your crack well lubricated.”

This lubrication, he explains, can assist scale back inflammation and rashes via easing the friction when your bum cheeks rub towards each and every different – so should you’re questioning why you get an itchy butt post-shaving, there’s your resolution.

It’s no longer simply skin-level then again. “Those oils additionally feed the nice micro organism round your derriere,” Dr Raj provides.

“Consider, a powerful and wholesome perianal microbiome is an excellent weapon to have on your arsenal.”

Whether or not we’ll abandon bum hair-trimming is but to be made up our minds, however no less than we now realize it’s there for a very powerful explanation why.

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