Stephen Colbert’s Withering Impression Of Eric Trump Takes A Very Dark Turn read full article on

Stephen Colbert jumped into persona as Eric Trump to poke amusing at his father, former President Donald Trump, for asking the crowd during a recent campaign rally in the event that they didn’t like their youngsters.

“For those who don’t like your children that a lot or if you happen to don’t like them in any respect, which occurs once in a while, don’t go away them a factor,” the previous president instructed the target audience in Davenport, Iowa, on Sunday, right through a ramble about getting rid of property taxes. “Does any one in right here no longer like their youngsters?” he added.

Colbert as Eric Trump replied: “Hello, dad’s speaking about me.”

“Dad, it’s me, thank you for the shout-out dad, the one factor I would like you to go away me is a hug,” he persevered. “Or simply slip me within the casket with you.”

“Roughly darkish, huh? Roughly unhappy,” Colbert stated later.

The late-night host had previous in his monologue sort-of damaged a vow to by no means impersonate Trump once more.

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